Film XI

Probably the most enjoyable XI we’ve ever done. We had over 1’000 suggestions and cutting them down to an XI with a few subs was extremely difficult. It was also the most hotly contested theme for Captain in the history of the XI’s. So, without further ado, here’s the Film XI.

Former Everton centre half Joseph Yobo and half man / half machine law enforcer RoboCop. Courtesy of Christopher Price @casionova90

Team Name – Nottingham Forest Gump

Manager – David Moyes Story


Gk – Krul Metal Jacket

Rb – Cafu Good Men

Cb – YoboCop

Cb – Knocked Upson

Lb – Zack & Miri Make a Del Horno ( CAPTAIN )

Rw – A Streetcar Named Ketsbaia

Cm – Valderramageddon

Cm – Born on the 4th of Tugay

Lw – Watership Downing

S – Million Dollar Bebe

S – You, Me & Dugarry


Brave Hart, A Poom with a View, Stop or Maicon will Shoot, Diamonds are For Evra, The Usual Busquets, Arjen Robben – Prince of Thieves, The Vaughan Identity, Li Tie Hard and Klose Encounters of the Third Kind.

This weeks winner, with a whopping 12 ‘likes’ Raj Mahon @rajmahon, with the fantastic Zack & Miri Make a Del Horno

Big thank you to the contributors @casionova90, @TitsOut, @rajmahon, @MattyD_And_Ting@Mickyoo, @Rob_AFC_1886, @mrburgess187, @YesImMrSmith, @JamesBayford@Reggietheveggie, @The_C_Cat, @NicFriar, @ajlc1985, @Boughtonboys, @andrewsiddell and Ben Iles.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Band XI

Now, I’m aware that this sort of thing, and #hashtag games get done quite regularly on Twitter, but for a few years now, myself and some good friends have been playing the footballer themed XI game while sat around in a beer garden or when we’re stuck on the Times crossword. Over the last year or so, we’ve embraced Twitter and Facebook into this and the number of people getting involved has hugely intensified.

The rules are simple, we get a team name, manager, first XI in their correct respective positions and then subs. The suggestion which receives the most ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘retweets’ on Twitter gets made captain and the person who made that suggestion is the winner.

We have been doing this for some time now and kept a record of all the best ones, and over the next few months I’ll be publishing them. So, here we are…Band XI

Team Name – Bayern Maiden

World Cup winning captain and Brazilian all time record cap holder Cafu, with Foo Fighters. Courtesy of Christopher Price @casionova90.

Manager – Arsene Wenger Boys


Gk – Reina Against the Machine

Rb – Cafu Fighters

Cb – Gullit for my Valentine

Cb – Soulwax Campbell

Lb – Habib Beye City Rollers

Rw – McAteers for Fears

Cm – Arcade Dyer

Cm – SClub Juninho

Lw – System of a Downing

S – Celine Dion Dublin

S – Dwight Bjork ( CAPTAIN )


Schmeichel Jackson 5, Interpol Konchesky, Sugar Cahill Gang, Sting & the Paul Ince, 2 Door Sinama-Pongolle Club, Jay Jay Z Okocha and Szczesney Hawkes.

Big thank you to the contributors @casionova90, @TitsOut, @MattyD_And_Ting@Mickyoo, @mrburgess187, @YesImMrSmith, @ajlc1985 & @Boughtonboys

Suggestions that could oust some of these out of the team, as always would be much appreciated.